Travelling Down the Subways #CitiesSkylines

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Metro Overhaul Mod overhauls subway systems

I will post an introduction to my latest city San Solaria in another post. In this post I will be showcasing what it is like being on a metro/subway train both above and below ground for the first time.

This is thanks to the Metro Overhaul Mod for Cities Skylines that allow you to create a conventional subway system as well as a ground and/or elevated metro (light rail) system seen in New York City, Chicago and London. The mod allows me to bring the expensive subway system above ground making it cheaper to build and maintain out in the suburbs (while in the urban centres the system goes back underground per normal) compared to being all underground or using the conventional heavy rail system like Neo Layton City.

With my new city – San Solaria (the map theme is California) I am trying…

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