Auckland 2040 Withdraw Unitary Plan Appeals

Good news for Auckland


An email came through last night updating on the latest with appeals against the Unitary Plan.

I keep tabs on these emails so I know where things are going with the Unitary Plan and in this case it was a surprise.


Auckland 2040 and related parties have withdrawn their appeals to the High Court as well as call for Judicial Review against the Unitary Plan after an earlier High Court decision ruled that the Independent Hearings Panel had operated correctly in handling ‘Out-of-Scope’ material (yeah that chest nut).

Any costs are where they fall.


This basically concludes the largest of the meaty stuff with the Unitary Plan. There are still individual site appeals and an appeal on Minimum Parking Rules by the owners of Sylvia Park. However, this ends the saga that is or rather was Auckland 2040 and their ultra conservatism towards the Unitary Plan. Progressive politics did win out in the end and Auckland can continue forward into the 21st Century as a City not a village of past.


More exciting news coming out Friday too.



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