Heavy Rail Has the Goods in Moving People to and from Adele Concert

Busy night but a good night


There were warnings and messages to make sure you have your transport arrangements in place for last night’s Adele concert at Mt Smart Stadium. Given the concert goers would have been travelling in the main evening peak commute run it was going to be interesting to see how the bus and rail system coped.


Well the heavy rail system coped beyond expectations despite some changes needed at Penrose Station. According to Auckland Transport the heavy rail network moved 26,000 concert goers or some 57% of the total crowd (Mt Smart holds 45,000). It was similar numbers going back but AT did say that was record-breaking numbers moved by heavy rail.

Some context:


Not a bad effort at all.

Penrose Station needs to be reconfigured to allow 6 car sets on Platform 3 so that you can load three 6 car sets (each hold 750 passengers) at a time clearing the crowds faster. Given Platform 3 is also road side (and the road should be closed with events) crowding issues on the bridges wouldn’t be an issue.

None-the-less heavy rail proves it has the goods to move mass amounts of people in a shuttling operation – just as heavy rail is designed to do. Some tweaks needed at Penrose with loadings (and better utilisation of Great South Road busses to take people to Otahuhu Station for transfers further south) otherwise job well done.