Airport Line Briefing Notes Go For a Walk

Was there, no longer is


This post is more on a certain briefing of the Airport Line being previously made public via the Council’s Planning Committee Agenda that has now disappeared.

I was lucky to pull a PDF version down and re-upload it for your reading here: City to Airport Rail Briefing to Governing Body


You can also read it below:


The Planning Committee Agenda can be seen here.


From what I know we have politics from Central Government in play. That is Auckland Transport and NZTA have decided that Light Rail from the City Centre AND Manukau City Centre (originally talk was just from the City Centre with Manukau getting a bus-way) to the Airport was a go and the motions of getting it built were set in place. A subsequent information act request triggered off alarms that resulted in a briefing to the Councillors and that briefing being published subsequently.


Light Rail to Airport and Manukau
Source: Auckland Transport and NZTA


Cue late last week and we see the briefing pulled, and the Minister of Transport saying ‘yes we will give you light rail but in thirty years time but you can have some “advanced busses” in the meantime.’


Basically the Government is going to put us through this for the next thirty years: #SummerSeries – Third World Infrastructure = Walking to the Airport. Real great for tourism and businesses right?

If procrastination was able to get a PhD then this Government with anything that is not roads would get a PhD in Procrastination with First Class Honours. 

In the end though it Auckland mobilised it becomes this: #Election2017 – Auckland and the Airport Line will Make or Break the English Government


So what will it be Bill English?


The second truck can be seen on its side, and people can be seen out of their cars wheeling suitcases towards Auckland Airport. Photo: RNZ / Jeremy Brick