Council Releases Report into the Westgate Metropolitan Centre Saga

Confidential item released


The Governing Body of Auckland Council have released the report (with redacts) into how the Westgate Metropolitan Centre complex was set out in the Waitakere City Council days before the Super City was formed in 2010.

From Auckland Council:

Auckland Council publishes committee report on Westgate Massey town centre

Auckland Council has today released a report responding to the Auditor-General’s inquiry into the Westgate Massey town centre that was considered in confidence by the Governing Body last week.

The Westgate Massey town centre project was initiated by the former Waitakere City Council and inherited by the newly amalgamated Auckland Council in November 2010. It has been the subject of two independent reviews, including the Meredith Connell report and the Office of the Auditor-General.

Following the release of the latter report, Mayor Phil Goff requested that the council’s response to the OAG’s recommendations be reported back to the Governing Body. This was in response to a particular recommendation from the OAG that there should be improved oversight of this issue by the Governing Body.

Following consideration of the report in confidence, councillors voted to release the report and attachments, excluding commercially sensitive information, in the open minutes of the meeting to enable better public scrutiny.

The Mayor says the independent reviews of the Westgate Massey town centre project have provided the council with an opportunity to reflect on, and learn from, the challenges presented by these kinds of complex developments.

The report to the Governing Body notes that all capital projects are now required to regularly report to the council on progress against budget and scope, deliverables, risks and opportunities.

For complex, long duration and major projects such as Westgate, it is recommended that six monthly reporting be provided along with updates to the council’s Audit and Risk Committee.

This committee includes independent members with backgrounds in auditing who provide the capability for more in-depth analysis and reporting back to council.

“We must ensure that the council is delivering value for money on behalf of ratepayers at all times and provide increased transparency and accountability for any investment we make,” says Phil Goff.

The report can be found here.



The report (and also something on Takapuna Metropolitan Centre) can be read or downloaded below:


Westgate report


Caption: Construction of the new town square ready for the opening of the NorthWest Shopping Centre.