East West Link Update: Submissions are at 85% Opposing NZTA’s Destructive Proposed Expressway

Opposition to East West Link


Just in:

Regards to East West Link

APR 6, 2017 — Submissions closed at 5pm on Wednesday 22 March 2017.
The EPA received 685 submissions within the submission period. This is the third largest number of submissions ever received by the EPA for a proposal, so although not as large a number of submissions as we’d hoped for, this is still a significant number.
Of the 685 submissions received by the EPA by the close of submissions:
– 582 submitters (85%) oppose the proposal in full, or in part
– 94 submitters (13.7%) support the proposal in full, or in part
– nine submitters (1.3%) indicated they were neutral toward the proposal.
Of these
– 356 submitters (52%) have indicated that they wish to be heard at the hearing.

That is quite a lot of opposition to what is a destructive expressway proposal with little benefit in return compared to other options that were available to NZTA for the East West Link.

Whether NZTA face another Basin Reserve disaster that forced a very embarrassing back-down is still to be seen.

I have always said NZTA should have stuck to this:

Option B
This Should Be the East West Connections