The Southern Auckland Development and Its Pressures Omnibus

A collection of Urban Geography stories on the growth and its pressures on Southern Auckland


Introducing the second Omnibus collection of stories from Talking Southern Auckland: The Southern Auckland Development and its Pressures Omnibus.


Can be downloaded here: South Auckland Growth Omnibus


The Wiri Industrial Complex


The collection (Omnibus) starts back in 2013 and fast forwards to 2017 on the large amounts of growth happening in Southern Auckland now and how even more is on its way over the next decade. Analysis, reactions and ideas are all put forward in what will be one of Auckland’s single biggest issues in its largest sub-region.


Like the Transform Manukau Omnibus the Southern Auckland Development and its Pressures Omnibus is a living document what will evolve and be updated as the respective journeys continue.


Southern Rural Urban Boundary with Future urban zones in yellow