Manukau Bus Station Construction Updates

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Auckland Transport has provided an update to the construction of the Manukau Bus Station – due to open in May 2018.

From Auckland Transport:


Manukau bus station project updates

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3 May 2017

The project is progressing well and all parties involved are doing a great job.

Completing most of the important foundation work last month now sees us coming out of the ground. Over the next 2 months the public will see rapid progress in terms of the Manukau Bus Station taking its form.

Getting the roofing material on before the coming winter months will be important so that the interior work can continue in parallel to ongoing civil works outside the buildings footprint.

21 April

Construction updates

Manukau station foundation work
Manukau station foundation work Source: Auckland Transport

Image: Installation of foundation reinforcing.

  • The concrete ground beams (shallow building foundations) have been poured over conduits in a grid layout. On top of these a concrete slab will be poured.
  • Heavy machinery will be used to pour concrete under the Manukau Institute of Technology canopy and there may be some extra noise during the day.
  • Structural steel is currently being delivered in batches and is being installed. The steel will be put in place from the MIT (west) end of the site to the east.
  • Installation of trusses (triangular fabricated beams) is ongoing.
  • The station roof will be constructed onsite and, like the structural steel, will be installed from the west end to the east, thereby creating sections of the building sheltered from the elements. This will allow interior work to commence in the winter months.

Get more updates in the April 2017 project newsletter (PDF 288KB)





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The Manukau Bus Station will form the main nexus of bus routes in Southern Auckland as well as providing access to Manukau Rail Station and later on the Southern Airport Line.

Panuku have also funded the Putney Way street upgrade in front of the bus station as well.


The Manukau Bus Station is open in 12 months time.


Manukau Bus Station render
Source: Auckland Transport