#CitiesSkylines on Hold until May 19

People ask why Cities Skylines?

It is not just plop down some roads and some zones and let rip but rather a complex and intricate puzzle carefully balanced that can all go to crap in a moments notice.


Transport is more difficult than people actually realise. Having the transport system working to peak efficiency is an ongoing challenge that keeps you awake (following busses around the place is also equally as amusing). The Mass Transit DLC will fill in the missing link the game has had to date – TRANSIT HUBS. With Transit Hubs you can finally create nodes and central nodes that will form the backbone of any rapid transit system and its feeders. Maybe finally I might build a Bus Rapid Transit system? Nah if I need thoughts then out comes light or heavy rail.


None the less all will be revealed in complete utter chaos come May 19.

Trams running past the stadium


Source: #CitiesSkylines on Hold until May 19