BLIMPS! And a Bus-way (Finally)

I managed to squeeze in some more game time again last night so was able to continue to tinker with the transit system. Mainly it was clearing up pinch points in the industrial complexes by getting bus stops off the roads and opening a new link road to the port.

The modification of existing bus lanes will continue in the City Centre while new busway is being built from Laytonville to the City Centre to supplement the metro system.


All-in-all I have manage to get the traffic flow from 60% to 65%. I am looking at removing a couple of small roundabouts which will help even more. One the Improved Public Transport mod actually works then I can check the busses and trains to see where pinch points are. I am suspecting not enough busses but also a particular corridor constantly congested even with bus lanes.


All a constant challenge JUST LIKE AUCKLAND. 


Source: BLIMPS! And a Bus-way (Finally)