Wynyard Quarter Goes 30km/h. Time For Residential Streets to do the same

Time for safer humane speeds


A debate about Te Wero Island being flipped from parking spaces into a park generated this response from Pippa Coom in regard with Wynyard Quarter:

Now that is very good news indeed.


But why stop there!

Residential streets that are not arterial routes as well as Centres and high pedestrian areas (Mission Bay) should also receive treatment and be dropped to speed limits ranging from 15-40km/h away from the default 50km/h setting we have now.


Councillor Chris Darby did note:


Harriet also chimed in earlier on:


While getting streets inside Metropolitan Centres, larger Town Centres and high volume areas like Mission Bay down to 30km/h would be great on the Centres side is certainly a goal to aim for in this instance I am looking at residential roads.


I see no reason why ‘Access’ and Access Low Volume residential streets (especially ones marked down as a Greenway) should not be dropped to 30km/h. Secondary and Primary Collectors should be at 40km/h and Arterial (as defined by NZTA) that has been marked as Greenway Route (like parts of Porchester Road) should also be 40km/h given they will have a high amount of cycle and walking traffic.


If you are wondering by the lingo I am using have a look at the NZTA documents here (back pages):

NZTA Road guidelines


If you want to know what your road or street is you can find out here: https://nzta.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=95fad5204ad243c39d84c37701f614b0


To find an example of  Greenways program you can go here: http://ourauckland.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/articles/news/2016/07/help-shape-greenways-plan-for-papakura/



What I am looking for is streets where residential communities can interact and be well communities. As the City continues to grow the street (not the road) become natural community spaces as consequentially speed limits should be dropped for the protection of both person and driver. If we can get interaction spaces in our Centres then we should be able to closer to home. And if we are to follow the 8-80 City mantra (a city safe enough for an 8-year-old and an 80-year-old to navigate) then lets look closer to home with our quieter residential streets.


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