Layton City is Back #CitiesSkylines

Back to some Applied Planning



Winter weather means some good opportunities to nail down a few hours in Cities Skylines. After some earlier issues (still have to fix the Transport Lines Manager) I finally managed to get my flagship City working again.

However, in getting it working it also means back to fixing the transit system as the bus routes are a mess.

Ah well time for some Complex Theory:

Complexity and unpredictability challenge the feasibility of urban planning beyond a certain point. In response, some theorists propose to limit planning to setting a few simple and universal rules to guide private development, while allowing place-based plans for publicly resourced city elements (such as roads and public spaces). Simulation games suggest that such rules, combined with private action, could generate well-ordered urban spaces, while supporting the complexity that give cities their advantages.


Source: What can complexity theory tell us about urban planning? – a Report to the Productivity Commission


Source: Layton City is Back #CitiesSkylines