Presentation to the August Planning Committee – Building on Momentum Forward

Got to keep the momentum going


With the array of recent announcements including two new rail stations, the battery-powered electric trains and the City Rail Link Limited entity being formed Auckland has entered a new boom phase with its infrastructure construction. That said there is still plenty more to do when you consider this from the Planning Committee Agenda tomorrow (August 1):

Auckland Plan refresh comments from OPLB August 1
Source: Auckland Council


You can read the full agenda HERE.



To build on this momentum I am to give a short presentation to the Auckland Council Planning Committee tomorrow. You can read or download the presentation below:

Planning Committee Presentation August 1


It will be live streamed and I will run a full evaluation post from that Committee on Wednesday or Thursday.



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  1. Ben, it may pay to check if the battery EMUs can fully recharge on a short run between Papakura and Manukau. I suspect they may need a longer run, to Britomart and back.

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