Inter-Regional Planning: A train to Hamilton every 15 minutes: here’s how

Greater Auckland opens up the Upper North Island


All the political parties say regional development is A Good Thing. But which of them has much of an idea how to make it happen? Simon Wilson suggests they take a good look at a brand new proposal for Regional Rapid Rail. Morrinsville has never known so much attention. Between a semi-automatic we

Source: A train to Hamilton every 15 minutes: here’s how


Greater Auckland take a serious look at regional rapid rail and how it can both open up the upper North Island and promote greater accessibility and connectivity between the three major urban centres and the smaller provincial towns in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty.

Inter-regional planning lacks in New Zealand with Central Government leaving it to Councils to work it out. Meanwhile in Australia the State Governments have Planning  Ministries that focus on inter-regional planning between their State capitals, smaller urban centres, and provincial towns.

I’ll go dig out my old Unitary Plan evidence notes on inter-regional planning. Needless to say Greater Auckland’s proposal has definitely started that conversation and the need for our own Planning Ministry.


In the meantime how Panuku treats inter-regional planning:



More on Monday.


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