Southern Auckland at Receiving End of #Election2017 Lolly Scramble

Either way the South wins


The South has been receiving a bit of attention as Election 2017 continues on. Whether it is Labour’s pledge on the Congestion Free Network, the Southern Airport Line, Regional Rapid Rail or National’s pledge with Pukekohe Electrification, and Mill Road the South has certainly not been missing out.


This week I wrote some reckons for the Manukau and Papakura Couriers. Below is the opening and closing remarks:

Ross: South Auckland to win from transport lolly scramble

BEN ROSS – Last updated 16:02, August 16 2017

OPINION: Only a couple of weeks ago I penned a piece to the Manukau and Papakura Couriers on some quick wins with transit that could be done to help getting us moving again.

Those quick wins included bus lanes down the Great South Road, the Manukau Rail South Link allowing direct services from Papakura to Manukau, and the Southern Airport Line (bus or light rail from Manukau to the Airport via Puhinui Station).

Over the last couple of weeks both National and Labour have pledged more transport investment into Auckland. Both have committed to at least one of the two Airport Lines, Pukekohe Electrification, more passenger trains, the Third Main (separates freight and passenger trains allowing more services) and a range of other transit projects. A key difference between National and Labour was National announcing the speeding up of the Mill Road upgrade (both the northern and southern section) while Labour has adopted Greater Auckland’s Congestion Free Network 2.0.

Whichever Party comes to govern after the election, Southern Auckland is a major winner from the transport lolly scramble.


But whatever our beliefs and whoever we vote for, finally at last transport that has dogged Auckland for so long has become a top issue in the national elections rather than some afterthought post fact.





A lolly scramble indeed


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  1. What’re you thoughts on the Karaka-Weymouth Bridge? Seems inevitable that one day we’ll need it….

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