Council Commits to Drury South Development

Forward contribution to speed up Southern Auckland development


From the Office of the Mayor Phil Goff:


A decision today by Auckland Mayor Phil Goff and Council’s Governing Body has ensured the development of 700 houses and a new business park in Drury South will continue at pace.

The decision by Council approves an investment of $17.9 million to build the first stage of the spine road as part of the Drury South business and residential development. The funding will be recouped from development contributions.

Mayor Phil Goff said, “Auckland needs houses and we’re acting now for the fast delivery of new homes in our city over the next 6 – 9 years.

“Today’s decision is about getting houses built quickly and paving the way for the Drury South development to be the first project that will go through Government’s Special Purpose Vehicle Crown Infrastructure Partners.

“The funding of $17.9 million for the spine road will ensure the Drury South development does not miss the summer construction window and new homes in South Auckland can be developed quickly.

“Without the spine road, development in Drury South would stall until such time as funding via the Government SPV was agreed. This decision means we can get on with the job now.

“South Auckland represents our largest opportunity for building new homes. When complete, Drury South will provide 700 new homes and 5,000 jobs for Aucklanders, and contribute around $2.3 billion per annum to our regional GDP,” said Mayor Goff.

Deputy Mayor and Franklin ward councillor, Bill Cashmore, said, “Today’s decision is great news for South Auckland. It means the Drury South development will put houses on the groundquickly and ultimately create employment opportunities for 5,000 people.

“We expect infrastructure funding for Drury South to come from Crown Infrastructure Partnersand are taking the necessary steps to keep development of the area going until such time as infrastructure investment from Government has the greenlight,” Bill Cashmore said.



The South was always in the pole position to take the first rounds of development post Unitary Plan while the Isthmus gets itself ready.

Just hope Pukekohe Electrification and the Drury South Station are not too far away.


In any case good Council is not being a road block with new urban developments.


Drury Future Urban Zone