Auckland Council Governing Body August Digests; Easter Sunday Trading Ban Remains

Easter Sunday Trading Ban Remains


The vote was 20-1 (Desley Simpson of Orakei was the only one to vote against keeping the bans) and the debate was over pretty fast (rather than dragging out as normal) in which Auckland Council Councillors and the Mayor decided to keep the current Easter Sunday Trading Bans in place.


From Auckland Council:

Governing Body votes for status quo on Easter Sunday trading

Auckland Council’s Governing Body voted to keep the status quo on Easter Sunday trading in the Auckland region and not develop a policy to allow more shops to open on Easter Sunday.

The following is a digest of decisions made. The agenda is available on Auckland Council’s website and minutes will be added once confirmed. This meeting was also webcast on the council’s website and items are available on demand.

Items 1-9 were administrative and input items (there were no petitions, public or local board input items at this meeting). Item 17 covers information memos and briefings, which are available online.


Item 10: Whether to propose an Easter Sunday Trading Policy

The Governing Body agreed to retain the status quo so that only shops currently able to trade on Easter Sunday will continue to be able to do so.

Mayor Phil Goff was in favour of preserving the status quo which, along with Good Friday, Christmas Day and Anzac Day, allows three and a half days of little or no shop trading each year.

“Most of us are fortunate not to be obliged to work on Easter Sunday. This allows us to bring our family together and escape commercialism for a day.

“In making this decision, we have asked if it is fair for the council to put pressure on the retail sector to compel people to work,” he says.

The Governing Body also resolved to express its dissatisfaction with this matter being delegated to councils to resolve. 

The Shop Trading Hours Amendment Act 2016 (the Act) came into force in 2016 enabling councils to adopt policies to permit more shops to open for trade on Easter Sunday.

Earlier this year Auckland council sought feedback on whether Aucklanders wished to retain the status quo or whether the council should adopt a policy that will allow shops in all or parts of Auckland to trade on Easter Sunday from 2018.

Findings from community engagement include:

  • a contrast of views between a demographically representative research survey and a self-selecting public engagement survey:

–   55 per cent in the research survey supported more shops opening

–   68 per cent in the public engagement survey supported the status quo

  • business highlighted the importance of the principle of freedom of enterprise, and protections in the Act for employees who do not wish to work if more shops were to open.
  • churches, faith groups, unions, Pacific peoples and some Māori were concerned for employees who would lose a guaranteed day off if more shops were to open and the need to retain time for rest, family, religious and cultural activities in support of the status quo.


Item 11: 2019 elections – opportunity to change to the Single Transferable Vote electoral system

The First Past the Post voting system will continue to be used for the 2019 elections and the council will give public notice by 19 September 2017 of the right for Auckland Council electors to petition for a poll on a change to the electoral system.

The Local Electoral Act 2001 provides for a local authority to resolve to use an electoral system that is different to the one previously used.


Item 12: Agreement to a Crown representative on the Tūpuna Maunga o Tāmaki Makaurau Authority

The Governing Body agreed to the appointment, by the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage, of a non-voting Crown representative on the Tūpuna Maunga o Tāmaki Makaurau Authority. 

Item 13: Contributions Policy 2015 – Variation B

The council has amended its Contributions Policy to enable the ‘Spine Road upgrade – stage one’ project costs to be recovered through development contributions. This is covered further in a release issued by Mayor Phil Goff’s office earlier today.

Item 14: Appointment to Living Cell Technologies Limited Animal Ethics Committee

Waitākere Ranges Local Board member Neil Henderson was re-appointed to the Living Cell Technologies Limited Animal Ethics Committee for a further term.


Item 15: Councillor Richard Hills report on trip to Taipei, Taiwan

Cr Hills travelled to Taipei, Taiwan to attend the 2017 NiHao Taiwan Study Camp for Future Leaders at the invitation of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, along with 27 representatives from local government from across the Asia Pacific region.

Attendees shared ideas, learnings and opportunities on subjects such as economic policy, policies of climate change, disaster prevention, movement of citizens and public transport.

Councillor Hills also attended three city-building meetings to discuss housing affordability, transport and resourcing, and travelled locally to understand the city’s public transport system and bike share scheme. His trip was not rate-payer funded.

Item 16: Upper Mangatangi-Mangatawhiri Catchments Co-governance Arrangement

The Crown intends to establish a statutory co-governance body for the upper Mangatangi-Mangatawhiri catchment area. This was presented to the Governing Body in more detail in the confidential agenda.