Unitary Plan Continues to Deliver: Next step toward homes and jobs for Whenuapai

More land for homes and jobs


From Auckland Council:

Next step toward homes and jobs for Whenuapai

Stage one of the proposed urbanisation of rural Whenuapai comes one step closer with notification of a plan change to rezone the land from Future Urban Zone to an urban zone.

The proposed plan change will be notified on 21 September and the council will accept submissions until 19 October.

It marks the first plan change to the Auckland Unitary Plan (Operative in Part)   Future Urban Zone and is necessary to make land ready for development.

The plan change for stage one development in the south-east corner of Whenuapai provides for 124ha of light industry land for jobs and capacity for 4000-5000 dwellings. 

As a greenfield area, a large amount of infrastructure is required. The plan change aims to ensure infrastructure is in place to support all development.

Issues it addresses include managing stormwater run-off and ensuring there are opportunities to enhance the degraded stream and coastal environment, mostly through planting along streams.

The plan change also protects a new Historic Heritage Area in Clarks Lane and an anti-aircraft battery site on Spedding Road.

Independent commissioners will hear of submissions in the first half of 2018.

Should the plan change be approved, construction in stage one is likely to occur between 2018 and 2028.

Stage two of the larger Whenuapai area is constrained by the Northern Interceptor, a new wastewater pipeline due to be built in 2026, and transport infrastructure outlined in the Supporting Growth Strategy, which is necessary to support development.   A further plan change will be required for stage two.

Planning Committee chair Councillor Chris Darby said: Notification of the plan change for stage one is a positive sign, showing that we’re moving from the planning phase to actually making land available for real homes that people can live in.

“It follows successful structure planning for the area – the first in a number of structure plans that will eventually pave the way for up to 137,000 new homes in north, north-west and southern greenfield areas.”



Upper North West FUZ and urban zones
Source: Auckland Council Unitary Plan


The North West Light Rail Line is due to be built and come onstream by 2025ish if Labour and the Greens win Government on Saturday. There is a bus rapid transit line also planed from Henderson to Albany via Westgate and State Highway 18 in the mix as well to carry commuters along the northern fringe.

124 hectares is also due to be zoned light industry as well. While the North and North West do not have heavy industrial complexes the South enjoys 124ha for light industry will certainly help with jobs and services supporting the area. So good to see more light industry being zoned!


Good to see from the Planning Committee and more evidence the Unitary Plan is working well.


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