Council Continues to Streamline Procuement in Benefit of Auckland

Doing the business


Given there seems to be a bit of chatter around ATEED’s expenses (again) and now one on staff travel (I am neutral on this providing a full list of costs and report backs are given every four months) it is time for an update on Auckland Council procument.


From the Office of the Deputy Mayor (haven’t written that in a while) Bill Cashmore:

Over $100 million procurement benefits delivered for Aucklanders

Auckland Council achieved $106.1million in procurement benefits in the last financial year.

Procurement is the process of planning, purchasing, and managing the supply of goods and services.

Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore, Chair of Council’s Strategic Procurement Committee, says:

Auckland Council is a significant purchaser of goods and services and process improvements are now delivering impressive results.

“It’s an area where we are doing more to both save money and deliver sustainable benefits within our community.  We’re doing this by teaming up with CCOs (Council Controlled Organisations) when we go to the market, reducing our costs in areas such as recruitment and software maintenance and through new technology that delivers greater efficiency,” says Cashmore.

Mayor Goff said, “The benefits achieved through group-wide procurement help ensure council achieves value for money for each dollar it receives from ratepayers.”

Procurement benefits also means doing more for less.

Last financial year $29.5million of additional value per annum for the next five years was generated through our new maintenance contracts.  There will be 88% more trees pruned annually and significantly more weed control delivered across the region.

Procurement benefits include “sustainable procurement” which means leveraging off purchasing arrangements to deliver tangible social, economic and environmental benefits. One example is the Te Auaunga Awa (Oakley Creek) project which saw the regeneration of one of Auckland’s longest urban streams flowing from Hillsborough through Mt Roskill, Owairaka and Waterview to the Waitematā Harbour. The project also saw seventeen young Aucklanders recruited into training.

“Our procurement approach is maturing and it’s great to see these results being delivered for our communities and ratepayers,” says Cashmore.

“There is a lot of potential for Council to use its purchasing power wisely and deliver broader benefits to our communities.  We will continue to build on these benefits.”



I wish Goff would stop saying ‘Doing More With Les’s as it carries negative connotations and is deaf to productivity which in New Zealand right now is -3.2% (Auckland bucks this at 1%) (Source: Stats NZ and Auckland Council). The proper time given Productivity is in the spotlight would be: Being More Productive with What We Have!


Otherwise look good there Deputy Mayor.