Talk is Cheap. Transport Authorities Need to Put Money Where Their Mouth Is With Transport

All about the budget



As Winston Peters announces which way he will well swing today (Labour or National) I have a short but sharp message when it comes to transport vision.

From Brent Toderian:

Transport Budget
Source: Brent Toderian


Rather straight forward. You prioritise wide roads for cars and that is what you get – cars and chronic congestion (and a pretty shit city). Priortise for transit and active modes and you get a liveable city.





Remember as said: The Truth About a City’s Aspirations isn’t found in its vision (the Auckland Transport Statement of Intent). It is found in it’s (Auckland Transport) Budget (cars, more cars, parking buildings, slip lanes and did I say cars).



The Truth About a Government Aspirations isn’t found in its vision (talk about transit). It is found in it’s (Government) Budget (cars, more cars, Roads of National Significance and did I say cars).


WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND – JUNE 28: Minister of Economic Development, Science and Innovation, Small Business ,Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment, Steven Joyce, speaks during the National Party Annual Conference at Michael Fowler Centre on June 28, 2014 in Wellington, New Zealand. Around 600 National MPs and delegates are expected to gather for the two day conference, during which new policies will be released ahead of New Zealand’s general election in September. (Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images)