#CitiesSkylines Urban Regeneration Project Offers Lessons for Auckland

Lessons for Auckland?

Auckland has plenty of excessively wide roads that can be humanised and two motorways that can be “buried” by placing parks above them. Grafton Gully is one and State Highway 20 between the Great South Road and Lambie Drive bridges is another.

No it is never a cheap exercise reconnecting severed urban areas whether in real life or Cities Skylines life. But the investment is most definitely worth it when urban areas are reconnected and the people get to enjoy both new urban spaces from the reconnected urban form.

Part Three showcasing the fully regenerated urbanscape after burying the motorway will have lessons Auckland and other urban areas can learn. I know for sure the residents of San Solarian City are loving the new urban area so much so there is a spike in new Residential demand for the City (word of mouth works)!


So what lessons? Click the link below to find out

via From the BIG DIG to New Urban Spaces. Stitching Up Two Urban Areas #CitiesSkylines


There was a motorway here once. It is now buried and the urban form slowly heals itself as two former urban areas become one. 

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