Draft Auckland Plan Refresh Set for Consultation February 2018

Stage 1 complete now for our views



From Auckland Council:

Draft Auckland Plan approved for consultation

Auckland Council’s Planning Committee has approved the revised draft Auckland Plan for formal public consultation beginning in February 2018.

The Auckland Plan, first adopted in 2012, is the spatial plan that sets the direction for how, where and when Auckland will grow over the next 30 years.  

With Auckland’s rapid change and growth the plan has been revised so that it can continue to respond to key challenges facing Auckland, including rapid population growth, improving transport and housing and protecting and enhancing our natural environment.

Councillor Chris Darby, Chair of the Planning Committee, says the Auckland Plan is an enormous task that sets out a grand vision for the next 30 years that is dynamic, exciting and almost changing by the day.

“This plan is the way we share with Aucklanders how the council will address all the big issues facing our region. It provides certainty to Aucklanders, Mana whenua, government and the private sector about where and how we will grow over the next 30 years which is further reinforced by the council’s other strategy and delivery plans.

“The public consultation in February next year will provide an opportunity for all Aucklanders to have their say which will help shape the Plan to further reflect community views on the future of Auckland.

“We also expect to see some significant contributions from the government in the New Year as it develops its government policy statements on the big issues like transport, housing and urban regeneration which are all components within our Auckland Plan”, says Councillor Darby.

Aucklanders will be able to provide feedback on the revised draft Auckland Plan alongside their thoughts on the council’s next 10-year Budget 2018-28 in a joint public consultation running from 28 February to 28 March 2018.

The revised Auckland Plan will be available as digital document which makes it more accessible for Aucklanders and will enable the plan to be updated with data and evidence more easily to remain relevant over time.



I gave my initial thoughts on the Development Strategy section of the Draft Auckland Plan refresh here: Auckland City Centre and Manukau City Centre. Major Centres and the Auckland Plan Refresh

The document needs a bit of work (timetables in the Development Strategy are not lining up with Panuku’s work such as the 30 year Transform Manukau urban regeneration program) but it is looking good knowing the work that has set in this far.

I did challenge the Refresh for being a bland document based on what was released at the time. Well seems my critiques have been answered and the Refresh is settling in as its draft form. The multi-mode approach where the City Centre, Manukau, Westgate and Albany recognised (with Manukau, Albany and Westgate Metropolitan Centres elevated effectively from Metropolitan Centre Status to Super Metropolitan Centre status as a node) will have my attention when consultation starts next year.


I’ll keep you updated as we approach the February 28 consultation start line.


Good work to Jacques Victor and his Auckland Plan team in getting the Auckland Plan Refresh to where it is thus far 🙂





2 thoughts on “Draft Auckland Plan Refresh Set for Consultation February 2018

  1. How can a plan “that is dynamic, exciting and almost changing by the day” be expected to “provide certainty to Aucklanders”????
    Here in Whenuapai we have already experienced the “Refresh” of the Future Urban land Supply Strategy that moved our “certainty” that we were just a few months away from being live zoned, out to 2028-32.

    1. The Auckland Plan is refreshed every 6 years so some certainty there.

      As for the FULSS and the Unitary Plan? That changes a bit too often. Our NIMBY Councillor got the Takanini East Future Urban Zone put back to 2032-2042 for live Zoning which took certainty away from that area.

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