#SummerSeries 17/18: SLOW DOWN!

New Zealand Driving leaves a lot to be desired


The road death toll is already at the highest seen in a decade and as of last night the Christmas/New Years death toll on the roads stood at six with plenty more injuries and accidents to go with it.


Associate Transport Minister Julie Ann Genter’s rural road initiative of median barriers, rumble strips and lower speed limits can not come fast enough after seeing what Emma Espiner and her family experienced on rural State Highway network yesterday. That said maximum police enforcement of tail gating, dangerous driving and drunk driving is in serious need of beefing after years of lack of funding and support from the previous National administration as well.


I’ll leave you with this thread from Emma on why some drivers should never be allowed to hold a licence again as well as spending 60 days in the cells for their driving that risks everyone else’s lives on the road (60 days knocks out your entire Summer holiday and part of going back to work as well):


And yes the bulk of the offending came from baby boomer drivers…….


Many thanks to Emma for me to use the tweets in this post. I can not emphasise enough in SLOW DOWN, you have all the time in the world to get to your destination. The alternative is rather err permanent.




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