Long Term Plan 2018-2028 and Auckland Plan 2050 (the Refresh) Nearly Set For Consultation

Draft Consultations set for the Governing Body to approve


On the 28th of February until the 28th of March Auckland Council will be consulting on both the Long Term Plan 2018-2028, and the Auckland Plan 2050.

The Long Term Plan is the master ten-year budget document (updated every three years) and will be the first LTP under Mayor Phil Goff. The Auckland Plan 2050 will be the first update of the Auckland (Spatial) Plan that went operative in 2011 just after the Super City had formed back in late 2010.


I have covered the Auckland Plan 2050 (the Refresh) in part recently around the its Development Strategy and Nodes (a new concept for the Plan). You can read up on the that here: The Auckland Plan And THE NODES. Why Manukau, Albany and Westgate are Nodes and Takapuna is Not. Essentially the City Centre, Manukau, Westgate and Albany will become nodes under the Auckland Plan 2050 where concentrated development will be focused through that iteration of the Plan.


The Long Term Plan I will cover more when the formal consultation documents and accompanying information is released next week. However, if you are like me and would like to read ahead you can do so below.


Note: these consultation documents are still drafts until they are ratified by the Governing Body of Auckland Council on Wednesday. Minor changes could still occur!


The Governing Body Agenda February 21, 2018:

Governing Body Agenda Feb 21, 2018


The Long Term Plan 2018-2028 & Auckland Plan 2050 Consultation Document (DRAFT):

Governing Body Auckland Plan Refresh and LTP1


The Long Term Plan supporting document (Draft and long at 438 pages):

LTP 2018-2028 Supporting documentation1


Auckland Plan refresh development strat consultation draft 1
Source: Auckland Council. NOTE DRAFT


The above is a draft excerpt from the Auckland Plan 2050 consultation document. I notice the dwelling count is down from the Unitary Plan’s 422,000 while population growth is reduced to 740,000 compared to a million extra in the original plan. Unless something has changed Auckland was still on the High Population Growth trajectory so if anything the numbers should be higher not lower.

I will be raising this matter in the consultation rounds as I don’t want Auckland to be under-cooking investment AGAIN!


The Governing Body approves the consultation documents on Wednesday with public consultation to start on the 28th for a month!


I will be running coverage as both Plans make their way through the processes and to their operative status on July 1.