Introducing San Layton City A #CitiesSkylines New Creation

Starting a new city to continue honing in and refining Urban Geography skills. Heavy rail being used again as will Mono Rail for the first time.

Ben's Cities

Testing out new features

San Solaria recently reached its limits as the game as a vehicle agent limit of 15,000 to prevent the computer being overtaxed. This means your cities without a mod to break the limit mature out at around 300,000 to 500,000 as San Solaria did. I will keep going back to San Solaria to tweak it but in the meantime it is time to start a new city.

20180217125655_1 San Layton City looking towards the ranges

Introducing San Layton City – A Green City

San Layton City will be the first city I have built from scratch since the Green Cities DLC came out in October last year. Rather than retrofitting back as I did with San Solaria, San Layton will be built with Green ideals and planning in mind.

Monorail will be used for the first time ever while heavy rail for commuting will be used again…

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