Correction to: Train Managers to Remain on Auckland Trains. Auckland Transport and Transdev to Review Case. NZTA Say Virtual No

Correction to a statement made in regards to NZTA in their role on the Train Manager removals on Auckland


Earlier this week I had made a comment in regards to NZTA, the safety case on removing train managers from Auckland’s Trains and the recent industrial action:

It should be noted that NZTA – the transport regulator (in this case) have never given an answer to Auckland Transport and Transdev’s call to remove Train Managers. Given we can assume NZTA takes the precautionary approach; the answer is always NO unless they say YES – in writing.

For Auckland Transport to conduct a review (and I assuming Transdev as well) I wonder if the case to do so was never solid enough in the first place to convince NZTA (hence why NZTA never said yes). In anytime such a review will cost money (our money) and time to do the entire exercise again (and continue uncertainty).



I have been advised by NZTA that my comment and statement above is incorrect and have posted the following correction/statement below:

The NZ Transport Agency has no comment on train managers on Auckland trains.
The New Zealand Transport Agency requires Transdev Auckland Ltd as the operator of passenger services in Auckland to manage safety risks in accordance with their obligations under the Railways Act. NZTA has not received a safety case variation request from Transdev to remove Train Managers from the trains.

Brett Aldridge, NZTA Senior Manager Regulatory Compliance, Rail


Talking Southern Auckland apologies to NZTA for the previously incorrect comment and statement made.