The Daisy apartments: why did we do it?

Example Given, Now need more!


From The Spinoff:

The team behind the Daisy apartment building respond to the fury it unleashed from Mike Hosking. Daisy exists because Ockham Residential set a goal of building an international best practice sustainable urban residence. Tāmaki Makaurau is maturing into the South Pacific’s most vibrant and cosmopo

Source: The Daisy apartments: why did we do it?


Daisy is an example of the Unitary Plan working as intended (nor the first mind you) with quality developments (without the need for excessive or any parking at all) in close proximity to transit lines and stations.


If we can replicate this with a National Policy Statement from Central Government to encourage more of these developments in proximity to Rapid Transit Network stations and routes (heavy rail and light rail stations and corridors). The NPS would also need to be able to rid of any Minimum Parking requirements in our Centre Zones (Metropolitan and Town Centres) when it comes to retail and other commercial activities.


None-the-less Ockham are showing the way and there are others doing the same when it comes to sustainable developments – the future of Auckland!




4 thoughts on “The Daisy apartments: why did we do it?

  1. Hi Ben
    Good article. But…. I will not be recommending to my clients a NO parking apartment building. For practical, financial, reselling etc., reasons, every apartment needs 1 car park because you need a place to park a car for weekend use, park your scooter, motorbike, boys toy’s, Harley, visitor parking, looking after your daughters car etc.

    AT’s public transport services are not great during the weekend.

    Also ask Ockham if they reduced the retail price to reflect that the apartment has NO parking. I think the answer will be NO. For example, Botanica in Enfield Street offered you a $6,000 – $8,000 Vespa as an inducement to sign up for a 1 bedroom apartment with NO parking.. They did not take to kindly to my suggestion that a car park was worth $60,000, give me a $27,000 Yamaha R1 YZF superbike and the cash difference OR reduce the price by $60,000 and I will sign on the spot. True story !!!

    1. I have to chuckle over that last statement – that is amusing and somewhat bemusing.

      As for AT services not great in the weekend, they arent even good in the week days with lack of off peak frequencies as well as a certain lack of bus lanes.

      Daisy is probably not for the clients you have – yet. There is car share available if you want to take the trip out for the weekend. I am sure scooters are to be provided and visitor parking.

      That said let’s have this conversation now while the Unitary Plan is young and before any National Policy Statements to encourage more intensified developments occur

  2. You do not address the issue of owners buying cars and parking them in the street which is already parked out. The problem has been transferred from the developer to the community

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