Making a 1960s street grid fit for the 21st century

You could literally uplift this and translate it to Manukau City Centre and its immediate surrounds. Will follow up on Manukau, Transform Manukau in a subsequent post.


Today’s Sustainable Safety policies demand a type of street design that is completely different from what was actually built in the 1960s, also in the Netherlands. So can you re-design streets that were built in a time when the car got all the space it needed, and more? Can you change those streets to meet the objectives of today’s safety and traffic management policies? And can it be done within reasonable budgets? Well, yes, Utrecht proves that it is possible!

overvecht Utrecht Overvecht was designed around the car in the 1960s. The streets are incredibly wide and gave motor traffic a free reign in the area. But things are changing! (Picture Bing Maps).

As part of a much larger plan to redevelop a 1960s housing estate in Utrecht, the street grid in this neighbourhood called ‘Overvecht’ will be completely updated to the 21st century Dutch standards. The new street…

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