#CitiesSkylines Park Life is Out and I am Having an Absolute Blast. Also Urban Geography and Green Utility Skills Tested

The first day is always the “testing” day. That is when taking something new for its first hit out it is a case of pushing all the buttons to see what happens (short of triggering a meltdown at the nuclear power plant that powers the city).

Cities Skylines Park Life is the latest DLC out for Paradox’s most popular urban simulator with the mission about parks, reserves and amusement parks/zoos.

But it is more than just spray and walk away (well plop and walk away) it requires quite a bit of Urban Design finesse in designing the parks while Urban Geography applies at macro or city level (that is where the parks would go and what type as well).

There will be more as I continue to expand the City and build more parks. Needless to say the Green Utility exercise I have blogged about in the past is getting a good testing!

Ben's Cities

DLC handles well with a few minor bugs

Well one of those bugs is pretty major if I can not place down the International Airport in your map.

Anyway yesterday the Cities Skylines Park Life DLC came out so I decided to give it a whirl – once the crucial Mods were updated. I didn’t have to wait long as by mid-day the Mods were updated and away I went for the rest of the day.

First a quick prelude in Park Life from Paradox:

Cities: Skylines – Parklife is NOW AVAILABLE!

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