Biffa Engages in 1960’s Planning – HULK HIGHWAY SMASH (Through Urbanville). Also Other #CitiesSkylines and Urban Geography Happenings

Public Transport collapses so we go on a Hulk Highway Smash!


With the Transport Manager President Edition Mod being broke (until last night) public transport usage for Biffa and other Cities Skylines players who have extensive transit systems (including yours truly) bombed out to a complete big fat zero. This means EVERYONE IS ON THE ROADS IN THEIR CARS and that means chaos on a roading system never designed for that kind of loading!


So what do we do? We do what we did in the 1960’s: BUILD HIGHWAYS everywhere – Biffa explains:

Oh my goodness the tears when I saw urban development and pastures being ripped out for 6 lane highways!!!



Sam Bur a Brisbane Cities Skylines player looks at sprawl (outer suburbs not independent or semi-independent Satellite Cities) and industrial estates in those outer suburbs – something I have been doing with San Layton City:


Even in my own cities I will have urban sprawl and heavy industrial estates but I also run the satellite and dual core model. That is my cities will usually have TWO City Centres – the major one for the entire City and a minor one to serve a major sub region that is part of the wider City fabric. Often the minor City Centre and its satellite urban area will be separated by a river or a green belt and connected up by transit and either large roads or 2-lane highways. The minor City Centre is independent enough to supply the Satellite with their needs but also dependent enough that it still relies on the main City Centre for regional and inter-regional services. Most often heavy industry will be located with the minor City Centre and its satellite if the port is located in the area, if not then extraction industries will be in heavy industry’s place.

If you are thinking this (at least Urban Geography wise) this might be Auckland and Manukau – you would be right.


In a follow-up post I will look at Social Planning from two different authors and how they explain it.


Also some large Official Information Act requests from NZTA, Auckland Transport and Kiwi Rail are due back this week as well on a number of projects in Southern Auckland.


More as it happens!