So You Want to Start Your Own #CitiesSkylines City Huh? Some Beginner Tips

Over half of players “fail”


So you have seen me intermix Cities Skylines pictures and concepts into my Urban Geography posts as I communicate ideas into the digital sphere and suddenly wonder:

  1. How do I do it
  2. How can I do it


Well Imperatur has a couple of straight forward tutorials to found your City and get the supporting industrial complexes going. In these instances the Unlimited Money mod is not enabled but if you were to enable it I would not hold you to shame. Technically a City is both limited and unconstrained by the cash and debt piles owing to whether Central Government either becomes involved or not so either way you are not cheating – technically or other wise. For me I usually keep Unlimited Money enabled as I do believe in Central Government involvement especially with highway and rail investment needed to support urban development. Also schools and hospitals are funded by the City in Cities Skylines not Central Government as done in Commonwealth nations so call it a 50-50 split here.


Anyway here are some beginner tips:

Once you get going let me know which type of player you become 😉

Note: Language

Tomorrow NZTA will be starting the first stages of the Tender processes for both City Centre to Mangere/Airport Light Rail and an introductory look at Airport to Botany Rapid Transit. Things are getting exciting as Auckland really starts its own Cities Skylines mass build adventure with transit and associated urban developments. Just as final note if you wonder if Social Planning could either enter the the urban simulator then stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!



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