It is the Congestion Free Network – From Another Mother – Well, a Different Era

Always talked about



And until recently was never built.

Fellow Southern Aucklander Alex found this gem from the Manukau Courier dated some time in 1996, it shows what Auckland’s transit network could have looked like if it was built then:



As fellow urbanist Patrick said:


Of course I am trolling because as Patrick said the plan did not make any sense.


However, it might have in 1996 when the Urban Geography and geo-politics of Auckland back then where very different to what they are now. There was no Super City, no Auckland Transport and no Metropolitan Centres as we have in 2018.


This is what the Congestion Free Network looks like now in the 21st Century:

Congestion Free Network 2.0
Source: Greater Auckland


And this is how key components will be delivered per the Auckland Plan:

Public transport RTN Proposal AP2050 final
Source: Auckland Council

A lot has changed since 1996!