Heterogeneous (Mixed) Housing/Zoning (Pepper Potting) vs Homogeneous Housing/Zoning Typology A Geography Recount on Housing History in the 20th and 21st Century

A Presentation to the Auckland Council Planning Committee

Last week there were comments made to the Governing Body of Auckland Council that the 30:30:30 (public, social, private) mixed housing model in a development was of all things racist and a breach of human rights. The comments continued that amongst other things that the 30% rule is prohibiting the delivery of a housing project and that the rule should be thrown out (so greater concentration of social housing). 

Flamboyancy aside (given the comments should have been made in the Planning Committee where it belongs) not only are the comments inflammatory but also defying a Century’s worth of Human and Urban Geography research and best practice on why we do NOT concentrate any one type of housing typology. 

Proposed New York City Mixed Development. Source: 

Presentation to the Committee

It was the comments about the 30% rule that Panuku uses that attracted my attention the most and I will be presenting as rebuttal to the Planning Committee (the proper place to present such concerns) on Tuesday (tomorrow). 

The title of the presentation is: Heterogeneous (Mixed) Housing/Zoning (Pepper Potting) vs Homogeneous  Housing/Zoning Typology;A Geography Recount on Housing History in the 20th and 21st Century


The presentation will start by covering the micro level of housing (so concentration of single housing types in an area) and then transition out to macro level by looking at zoning being a major influence. 

The presentation can be seen below: 

I will be providing the Live Stream link on Tuesday but if you want to bookmark it now here it is: Live Stream

I only have five minutes and housing from a Geography point of view can fill more than one PhD thesis easy so short, sharp and concise is the name of the game!

Otara, Papatoetoe, Manukau City Centre and the Southern Motorway. South Auckland

Further Reference:  Gentrification: What Has Geographers Banging Their Heads Against the Walls and Has Planners in Knots While Auckland is Not Immune!

2 thoughts on “Heterogeneous (Mixed) Housing/Zoning (Pepper Potting) vs Homogeneous Housing/Zoning Typology A Geography Recount on Housing History in the 20th and 21st Century

  1. The language is inflammatory but I can’t help but wonder if the concern is real and the council’s in the wrong on this.

    It seems like the coalition of housing groups behind the complaint are motivated by frustration at not being allowed to build their own social housing developments without council rules mandating they build private housing.

    I understand the research on Pepper-potting doesn’t conclusively back it over other methods. That being the case (and even if it were!) I think it’d be a great pity for the council to mandate to social, iwi, or church based groups that they have to include private housing.

    Maybe that’s not what’s going on? But the details as this argument has been reported, here and elsewhere, makes it a bit difficult to understand exactly what’s going on.

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