Housing and Urban Development Department Launches

But as said, Punters Hungry for Action!

The launch of the Minister of Transport, Housing and Urban Development THUD) (Phil Twyford) Housing and Urban Development Ministry (HUD) earlier this week was done very quiet with little fanfare.

From The Beehive:

New Ministry brings leadership and focus to housing and urban development

The new Ministry of Housing and Urban Development was opened today by Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford.

Phil Twyford says the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will help the Government build New Zealand out of the national housing crisis and restore the basic right to healthy, affordable housing for all New Zealanders.

“Housing and urban development is too important to New Zealand, and too complex an area to remain split across government agencies. We need one single, strong organisation to lead across agencies and across the housing and urban development system.

“We need to focus government efforts because the housing shortage is hurting New Zealanders. Too many people are homeless, in poor quality housing or locked out of home ownership.”

HUD will implement the Government’s ambitious housing and urban development programme to end homelessness, make housing affordable and make cities more liveable.

The new Ministry unites a range of previously fragmented housing policy, funding and regulatory functions from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment – including Kiwibuild – the Ministry of Social Development and Treasury.

It will develop strong capability in urban development and will drive urban development strategies to create the spaces, services and infrastructure that thriving communities need.

“We’re building communities and cities for the future so high-quality urban development is a priority. All New Zealanders should be able to live in healthy, affordable homes in communities connected to where they live, work, learn and play,” Phil Twyford said.

The Ministry of Social Development will continue to be the place for people to come if they are homeless or urgently need a place to stay, or need access to public housing and other types of support.


Source: The Beehive

Mayor Phil Goff and Minister Phil Twyford out at the Westgate Housing Development

As I said earlier the announcement was done with that little fanfare it escaped most notice (to the point I have had this post sitting in the Draft box since Monday).

None-the-less we need to make sure there is some action to happen. The Urban Development Authority is still too far away in establishment (let alone what form it will take in terms of Planning powers) while it seems the Auckland to Hamilton Corridor is bogged down in constant meetings on what to do in creating a Spatial Plan for the area (if you want one I have already drawn up one). 

In the end Twyford has reached Step One: the creation of the HUD (Housing and Urban Development department) now onto Step Two: The UDA’s and some more Spatial Plans!

Auckland to Hamilton Corridor Source: Auckland Council