Walking and Cycling – How to Make Their Pathways not Stink – As Much in Your City #CitiesSkylines

Walking and cycling gets mentioned but what to do about it

Quite a bit on in Auckland at the moment with the Regional Public Transport Plan out for consultation at the moment (see: 2018-2028 Regional Public Transport Plan Out for Consultation. Includes Stage 1 Airport to Botany Rapid Transit) and Airport to Botany Rapid Transit (A2B) to be out for consultation sometime this week (probably Wednesday). So with that at mind I am also running in parallel some Cities Skylines stuff that have been produced by Sam Bur (a real life Town Planner in Queensland) that applies to real life as well.

Yesterday it was six things to avoid or rather six tips to keep your city functional: Six Things to Avoid (Tips) in #CitiesSkylines – AND with actual real life Cities as well

Today it is making your cycling and walking paths stink just that little bit less. 

Pathways that work

I typically do not use the Cycling Boulevard as I did in my earlier cities owing to the availability of full pedestrian malls and grade separated cycle lanes for 4-lane roads (with or without trams). The Zoneable Paved Tiny Pedestrian Road is another favourite of mine in low density areas we well. 

With my current city the Cycling Boulevard might make a come back as I have four urban islands on a map that has quite a few rivers. So making cycling highways alongside transit lines would be a prudent idea. 

Walk and cycleways. Layton City has Districts that “encourage” cycling as a preferred method over the car.
People on the move I encourage cycling and walking where possible

Overbridge connections I usually save for highway/ motorways and rail lines otherwise laneways and pedestrian crossing is the norm inside the urban environment.

So good tips there although not a fan of pedestrian over bridges on 4 lane roads. Signalised crossings or setting back civic and commercial spaces off the main road onto laneways would be something probably do. Considering the rise of e-scooters and e-bikes the need for better pathways is ever more paramount.