Public or Mass Transit Hierarchy – Which Mode is Best in Real and #CitiesSkylines Cities

Common sense stuff

With Airport to Botany Rapid Transit out for consultation (see: Airport to Botany Rapid Transit (A2B) Including Manukau Route Selection Open For Consultation) it is very topical to see a video from a planner (in Queensland) talking about the transit hierarchy – that is which mode is suited to what. 

Without further ado I leave it again to Sam Bur and Cities Skylines to communicate the beginners guide to transit modes and which one is best for each situation:

The Complete Beginners Guide to Public Transport by Sam Bur

Remember for a transit system to work moving people around it needs to be: RELIABLE

And how do we make it reliable?

  • Frequencies match including hours of operation
  • Right mode and mode capacity (rail will always carry more than busses but are expensive to build so how about bus ways or light rail?)
  • Supporting infrastructure such as bus lanes or grade separated light rail right-of-ways
  • Ease of transfers
  • Connections and not just for the 9-5 worker EH AUCKLAND TRANSPORT?
  • Amenity value