#ProjectAuckland: How Does South Auckland Score? Also Homage to The Southern Initiative!

The South is doing well yes – but lots of things to do

Last Friday the NZ Herald ran their 28 page Project Auckland insert that looked at Auckland and its challenges through to 2021 and beyond. I had the privilege of penning a small column for Project Auckland on South Auckland’s score card. 

For those who know me well or have read the blog for a while I am staunch and loyal to the South and will fight to make sure it gets its fair share. Simon Wilson of the NZ Herald wrote also for Project Auckland that with the record investment and growth in Auckland particularly central Auckland, South Auckland must not be forgotten as well. You can find that story by clicking on the Tweet below or the following link: 

The South Auckland Economic Score Card

My South Auckland Economic Score Card in Project – NZ Herald

The task was to write up a short summary on how well South Auckland – the South is doing and its prospects through until 2021. The article can be seen at the bottom of the post with three critical factors scored:

  1. Socio-Economics
  2. Transport
  3. Housing

While none of the factors failed the scoring ranged from A- to a bare pass of a C- (try and guess which one scored that ‘C’ before reading the article. 

I have the original draft that I will publish early next year. Otherwise have a read and let me know your thoughts with The South? Was I fair or did I miss something out (remembering I only had a short word limit)? 

The South Auckland Economic Score Card. Project Auckland – NZ Herald

My thanks to New Zealand Herald’s Fran O’Sullivan for the opportunity to pen some thoughts on The South with project Auckland and also to Simon Wilson for his sage reminder The South MUST NOT BE FORGOTTEN. An honorary mention to NZTA with their City Centre to Mangere Light Rail coverage as well. Upon reading it it was heavily slanted towards The South compared to the City Centre. Thus I do wonder: Information Act Request to NZTA on City Centre to Mangere Light Rail Project. Which Way Will They Start?