#SummerSeries 18/19: New Resolutions or rather do an Annual Plan

Just as Neddy Flanders went to pay his taxes on New Years Day it is time to get the spreadsheet out and write that Annual Plan!

Happy Change the Calendar Day Everyone!

Talking Southern Auckland

Adopting public sector ideas to make next year a productive one

It is coming to that time of year where New Years Resolutions like going to the gym or eating less food are made then forgotten the next day along with the hangover.

Frivolous is not in my nature so I thought how to make those New Year Resolutions more solid for the 2019 year. And with that light bulb moment I decided to borrow an idea from Auckland Council: setting an Annual Plan!

In Council speak an Annual Plan is their yearly Budget they must produce on all things income and expenditure. Unlike Central Government a Council’s budget must follow the 10 year Long Term Plan (or LTP) that is updated every three years (Auckland just had the 2018-2028 LTP released).

So after a few coffees I laid out the basic structure of my Annual Plan for 2019:


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