UPDATED: Airport to Botany (A2B) Rapid Transit Update: February 2019

Briefings to Local Boards underway, next round of consultation soon

2019 means time for updates, starting with Airport to Botany Rapid Transit. With the Local Boards resuming their monthly business meetings, I also resume surfing through their monthly agendas. As Howick Local Board is the first of the Southern Local Boards to meet for 2019, their agenda was the first one I surfed through.

In the agenda was the usual Auckland Transport spiel. And in that briefing were an updates on A2B. You can see the update below:

A2B Update for Howick Local Board
Otara/Papatoetoe Local Board A2B Update 2

As we can see there was consultation for A2B route selection late last year which attracted over 500 comments. The feedback report and next round of consultation (Transit Stops) will be out after the Southern Local Boards have been briefed like Howick.

Route selection has been rumoured to be finalised but is waiting for final input from the Local Boards. Meanwhile construction tenders for Puhinui Station Upgrade have recently closed with Auckland Transport being dead adamant that the Interchange must be operational by December 2020.

Finally, there have been meetings between Auckland Transport, Panuku and their consultants over Transit Orientated Developments (TODs) along the A2B route particularly in the Manukau City Centre area. I am in the middle of requesting my six monthly update from Panuku and once this has occurred I should be able to give more information on those TODs.

Next update will be in March when route selection and TOD briefings have occurred.

It is exciting that Stage 1 of A2B will be operational late 2020 boosting Transit Connections in Southern Auckland.

Stage 1 Puhinui Interchange Upgrade for A2B. Source: Auckland Transport.