Manukau Station Bus Lane to Remain after Successful Trial. Wider Rollout Planned Later in the Year

Success, speed limit reduction to remain as well

This just in from Auckland Transport:

So the bus lane and the speed limit reduction on Manukau Station Road are to remain after a successful trial.

Auckland Transport further notes:

Project details

Bus lane trial

From 29 January to 15 February 2019, we trialled a bus lane on the eastbound side of Manukau Station Road, between Davies Avenue and Leyton Way. The purpose of the trial was to ensure that any alteration to the road capacity during the operational hours of the bus lane did not adversely impact the nearby SH20 Lambie Drive off-ramp.

The speed limit along this section of Manukau Station Road was also changed to 50km/h for the duration of the trial, and applied to both sides of the road. (Any permanent change to the speed limit will be consulted as part of the wider proposal of public transport and pedestrian improvements for Manukau Station Road.)

Outcome of the trial

The trial was successful, with no adverse impact on the motorway off-ramp. On this basis, the bus lane will remain in place for the time being, and will operate between the hours 7am to 10am, and 4pm to 7pm, Monday to Friday.

We are now looking into some minor modifications, such as green surfacing, to ensure this bus lane is easily identifiable to motorists.

The wider proposal for Manukau Station Road

We had anticipated that following the trial, the eastbound bus lane and speed limit change would be consulted as part of wider programme of public transport and pedestrian improvements planned for Manukau Station Road. This included plans for a bus lane on the westbound side of the road, new pedestrian crossings and bus stops.

These improvements have since been incorporated into a wider corridor upgrade programme, which will combine bus-priority, pedestrian and cycling improvements together into a single upgrade. More information about this project and a community consultation is expected to get underway later in the year. This consultation will include the eastbound bus lane and speed limit. In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the operation of the bus lane.

For more information on this project

Contact Auckland Transport

Source: Manukau Station Road bus lane trial

Excellent that the bus lane and new speed limit will remain. I do wonder what Auckland Transport mean by “wider corridor program?”

I have asked AT whether it is the Integrated Corridor Program which has the entire Great South Road getting bus lanes or will it be merged with Airport to Botany Rapid Transit given A2B will most likely use Manukau Station Road for part of its trip.

None-the-less cheers AT for the bus lane and speed limit reduction on one of the core transport spines in Manukau City Centre. Looking forward to seeing the wider program later in the year!

Manukau Station Road option 3 redevelopment potential Source: Panuku Development Auckland

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