Airport to Botany Rapid Transit March Update via Otara/Papatoetoe Local Board Agenda

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Monthly updates from Auckland Transport to the Otara/Papatoetoe Local Board that include updates on Airport to Botany Rapid Transit:

Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board – 19 March 2019 

Auckland Transport March 2019 report to the Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board

File No.: CP2019/02929

Te take mō te pūrongoPurpose of the report

1.       To update the Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board (OPLB) about transport related matters in its area including Local Board Transport Capital Fund.

Whakarāpopototanga matua Executive summary

2.       This month’s report includes information on:

  • Airport Botany Rapid Transit – Puhinui Station
  • Improvements to the Station/ Shirley roads and Gray Avenue intersection
  • Middlemore & Papatoetoe Station gating
  • Pedestrian Safety outside Papatoetoe North School.

3.       This report also provides an update on Local Board Transport Capital Fund (LBTCF) projects.

Ngā tūtohungaRecommendation/s: That the Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board:
a)      receive the report entitled ‘Auckland Transport March 2019 report to the Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board’. 

Horopaki –Context

4.       This report addresses transport related matters in the local board area and includes information on the progress of the LBTCF projects.

5.       Auckland Transport (AT) is responsible for all of Auckland’s transport services, excluding state highways. It reports on a monthly basis to local boards as set out in the Local Board Engagement Plan. This monthly reporting supports the important engagement role local boards play within and on behalf of their local communities on transport matters.

6.       The Local Board Transport Capital Fund is a capital budget provided to all local boards by Auckland Council and delivered by AT. Local boards can use this fund to deliver transport infrastructure projects that they believe are important to their communities but are not part of AT’s work programme. Projects must also:

  • be safe
  • not impede network efficiency
  • be in the road corridor (although projects running through parks can be considered if there is a transport outcome).

Tātaritanga me ngā tohutohuAnalysis and advice

Airport Botany Rapid Transit – Puhinui Station

7.       The Airport to Botany Rapid Transit project will deliver a new public transport link between the airport, Manukau and Botany. This will improve accessibility in the south-west, southern and eastern areas of Auckland. Puhinui station has been identified as an important public transport link to the rail network and as such, will be significantly upgraded.

8.       This project is one of the three projects that make up the Southwest Gateway programme where Auckland Transport, the NZ Transport Agency, and Auckland Airport are working together to deliver three projects that will improve access and allow for future growth. The other two projects are: 

·        20Connect
A state highway project led by NZ Transport Agency to improve access and customer journey experiences to and from the airport and surrounding area on the state highway network. The improvements may include technology to better manage the network, roading improvements and providing more transport choices.

·        Auckland Airport precinct developments
The airport area will undergo a dramatic transformation over the next 30 years led by Auckland Airport, to provide a seamless experience for airport customers by improving public transport and pedestrian and cycle access.

March update on Airport to Botany Rapid Transit

9.       The technical work is currently underway and will confirm the preferred rapid transit route alignment through to the airport. The project team has scheduled a briefing to the Otara-Papatoetoe local board for April/May 2019.

Early Improvements to Airport Access

10.     Puhinui Interchange:

  • Preliminary design completed and under review internally by AT
  • Procurement evaluation, which includes social procurement and sustainability criteria, underway
  • Resource consent pre-application meetings underway
  • Paper to NZTA Board in December 2018 seeking funding approval for detailed design phase, waiting the formal decision.

11.     Other early improvements:

  • Concept designs complete for proposed Puhinui Road bus lanes, and Mangere Walking & Cycling Projects
  • Draft Business Case on track to be completed first quarter of 2019
  • Public consultation on proposed early improvements to commence second quarter 2019.

Improvements to the Station/ Shirley roads and Gray Ave intersection

12.     The Station/ Shirley /Gray Ave roundabout upgrade is a safety project to improve safety at this intersection.

13.     Historically, there have been a number of accidents at this intersection due to the roading layout, as well as congestion due to the right hand turn onto Gray Ave.

14.     Improved pedestrian and cycling facilities are included in the package of works for the upgrade. The roundabout will make it safer for vehicles entering and exiting Gray Ave and reduce congestion.

15.     Currently, this project is awaiting funding approval. Once this has been confirmed, the timeline for this project will be reported back to the local board.

Middlemore and Papatoetoe Station gating

16.     AT has been delivering a region-wide programme to install electronic ticket gates at selected stations on the rail network that includes Papatoetoe and Middlemore stations.

17.     Papatoetoe has now been largely completed, with some minor parking changes to create a pick up and drop on the Shirley Road side of the street.

18.     Gating at the Middlemore Station was expected to be operational by February 2019 but has been delayed.

19.     The gating of Middlemore Station is now expected to be completed in September 2019.

20.     Due to funding constraints, the construction of an additional staircase access on Shirley Road side of the Papatoetoe Station is under review. A workshop with the local board is to be held on 12 March 2019 to brief the local board.

Source: Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board March Agenda

Major consultation on the next phase of Stage 1 – Airport to Botany Rapid Transit will occur soon as the Local Board is briefed within the next two months. That briefing will include the preferred route through Manukau City Centre as well as operational date of A2B.

Providing NZTA do not hold things up the operational date for Airport to Botany Stage 1 (Airport to Manukau) will be December 2020 with the new 36 bus running every 10 minutes, all day, 7-days a week.

Given the MIT Expansion (MIT Expansion: Tech Park a ‘Game Changer’ for MIT) now under way which will sit on or near the A2B route the timing of this rapid transit project is crucial.

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