How to Successfully Advocate for Local Transit in Your Community or City

There is a but

Ever wonder how to lobby or advocate your Local Board, Auckland Council, Auckland Transport or Panuku for some local transit, walking/cycling upgrades or a Town Centre do up? Wonder how groups like Greater Auckland or individuals like myself are able to lobby our big institutes for Local, Sub-Regional and Regional transit initiatives?

Well the TL:DR answer is a lot of blood, sweat and tears remembering that there are losses with victories. But that does not quite answer your question now does it?

That is why I am sharing this video from the Island Press (which was shared to me by a fellow reader) on ‘How to Advocate for Local Transit in Your Community.’

Note: it is about an hour long so it might take a few sittings if you can not do it all in one go.

The website the video comes from can be seen here: Webinar: How to Advocate for Local Transit in Your Community

As for the ‘but’ in the subtitle? Just be cautious when advocating to the institutes as while somethings will work out like Airport to Botany Rapid Transit, other things like the City Rail Link and Transit Orientated Developments you will face one-way traffic from the said Institutes (meaning a cultural change would be needed for them to move on the subject).