#CitiesSkylines City Building. The Subway is Fixed in Grand Manukau/Layton Cities

Just as there is rapid growth in Auckland and my home South Auckland there is rapid growth in my Cities Skylines city of Grand Manukau/Layton Cities.

Enough growth to warrant the first Metro Line in the map meaning heavy and metro rail have been used leaving Light Rail and Monorail as not yet in place.

Also take a look at Part 3 as I ride Metro Line 5 and how the renderings thanks to the MOM have really stepped up the realism of the game.

Ben's Cities

Building of the Downtown and East End

After the issues with the Mods things got back on track. So here we are with this week’s stream a tad late – but it is here.

This week I focus on building the Downtown, the East End, and the first ever Metro line for Grand Manukau/Layton Cities. Layton City Downtown is a Tourist area while the East End is a Leisure area, which is controlled using the game’s District commands. As usual the first video is also of the Q+A from questions that come up from the previous week’s thread.

Lets dive in shall we?

Let’s Get Building in #CitiesSkylines Part 1. Q+A and Intro

Let’s Get Building in #CitiesSkylines Part 2 – Building the Downtown.

Let’s Get Building in #CitiesSkylines Part 3 – On the Metro

I must say the Metro Overhaul Mod gives beautiful renders. I used the Classic version…

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