#CitiesSkylines , Urban Islands and Urban Geographies. Stitching it all together!

The Urban Geography concept of Urban Islands came about in breaking up large urban areas into semi-independent but interdependent urban “islands” connected by transport and green links.

Urban Islands promote three ideals:
1) Local Amenities and Local Employment meaning the population is less likely to cross city commute for work or most basic of amenities

2) Less cross city commuting mean less pressure of transport networks especially at pinch points as outlined here with Auckland https://www.linkedin.com/posts/benrossakl_aucklands-rail-network-being-reviewed-to-activity-6598837437718499328-Si0d

3) Promotion of Green Corridors that are beneficial for wildlife and humans alike

Urban Islands are hard to retrofit to existing urban areas but can be done. Urban Islands should be standard for any new cities built however!

Ben's Cities

Using Urban Islands to balance a City

Last week I talked about the three Urban Geographic concepts I use in City building that can be translated out into real life Cities. They were:

  1. Planning and City Building
  2. Expansion
  3. Consolidation

You can read up more on that here: Expanding the City while Riding the Metro. #CitiesSkylines

Urban Islands

A concept I developed in Cities Skylines that I advocate for out in the real world is the Urban Islands. Urban Islands are where transport infrastructure, water or Green Belts break up the urban mass of a City giving an island effect. However, for Urban Islands to be Urban Islands one little feature needs to happen first – and that I explain in my first video here:

City Building and Urban Islands

In Part Two I zoom into the new Trade School then take a tour on a couple of the buses:


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