Putting Urban Geography to the test in: Building a City Centre TAKES TIME – LOTS OF TIME. #CitiesSkylines

Some people say; “Oh Cities Skylines is just a game that is easy to do in building your cities.”

They could not be more wrong if they tried when establishing large cities especially of Mods like Real Time, Traffic Manager Presidents Edition, and Realistic Population and Growth are all enabled.

For perspective when putting Urban Geography concepts through the simulator:
It takes about a week to draw up everything needed to bring an urban development online (and the urban development has not occurred yet). This is shown in the picture looking down onto the Sky Tower and the road network just beyond it.

It will take about another week of urban development and tweaking to get the picture showing a fully developed street (not road) with the active and transit modes working.

So about 70-80 hours of solid Urban Geography being put in just to establish a single large District like a City Centre. It takes even longer when establishing Industry owing to logistics supply mechanics.

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Putting Urban Geography to the test

I have finally started building the Manukau City Centre which will become the main of the two City Centres in Grand Manukau/Layton Cities.

For more we delve into this week’s video:

We a start building a City Centre

Next week we will look at the first of the urban development occurring as I take the simulator of Pause. Also more First Person Mode!

In the mean time: City Build Safe!

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