Auckland Transport Welcomes agreement in regards to Bus Driver Pay

Labour also campaigning for public sector contractors to be on the Living Wage

From Auckland Transport:

Auckland Transport welcomes bus driver pay agreement

Auckland Transport welcomes the news that the largest bus operator in Auckland has signed a three-year Collective Agreement.

NZ Bus has signed a new deal with unions representing 800 drivers in Auckland, a third of the drivers in the city.

Auckland Transport’s Chief Executive Shane Ellison welcomes the agreement. “Bus drivers are the backbone of the transport system in Auckland carrying tens of thousands of people each day.

“They have been great ambassadors for their employers and for Auckland Transport right through this Covid period.

“We’re pleased that their loyalty is being rewarded by NZ Bus.”

Mr Ellison says Auckland Transport is committed to improving general bus driver conditions for all of its Auckland Metro bus drivers.

In support of this, Auckland Transport will soon be engaging with bus operators and unions to identify opportunities for improvements.


It should also be noted there is a an election promise floating around stating that public sector contractors are to be paid a Living Wage as well. This does not affect Public Transport operates such as in Auckland unless the Public Transport Operating Model or PTOM changes.

380 Airporter at the Manukau Bus Station