STAND BY FOR ACTION: Tactical Urbanism Starting in Manukau City Centre Soon!

Take note – Auckland’s second City Centre engaging in next phase of urban renewal

When I was doing my Tactical Urbanism course earlier this year I floated the idea of turning Osterley and Putney Ways in the core of Manukau City Centre into Pedestrian Malls (away from cars who use the streets to rat run)

The sections of Putney and Osterley Ways that would be closed to cars.

I submitted it to Auckland Transport who went away to analyse it. They have come back with the following reply. A note that the Innovative Street Fund – Round 2 came out in the intervening period so the AT’s reply reflects this. See: Tactical Urbanism Reaches South Auckland!

From Auckland Transport (abridged version)

At present there are no plans for shared spaces or pedestrian/transit malls on either of these streets.  However work is underway on transforming the Manukau Centre to make it a more vibrant and welcoming place for people on foot.

Panuku Development and AT are working together on improvements to the centre as part of Transform Manukau. The plans for Putney Way and Osterley Way are still in the early stages and no details have been determined yet, however the importance of these streets as key pedestrian spaces is well recognised and any changes will aim to enhance the walking experience on these streets and through the centre.

In addition, recently announced funding for tactical urbanism projects through the Innovating Streets for People pilot fund from Waka Kotahi NZTA has enabled Panuku and AT to begin work on testing improvements to active modes connections within the city centre. This will include connections between MIT and Manukau Station, AUT, and Wiri. The project will involve collaboration with the local community.

Stay tuned for more towards the end of the year.

Thank you Auckland Transport for your reply.