Can Cities Go Car Free?

The answer is yes – and rather easily

The 15 minute City concept, and removing cars out of Osterley Way in Manukau are two subjects well written here at Talking Southern Auckland.

Further to this discussion I will leave this video I found from YouTube yesterday on car-free cities.

The comment being: It seems like a feedback cycle. Without cars you want to live within walking distance and then you don’t need a car because everything is built for walking. LA and American suburbs are an example of the opposite.

But when removing cars out of streets allows retail and hospitality agents to get a 40% boost, and that most residents and customers prefer the cars gone, the attractiveness of yeeting the car only becomes louder, and louder.

And again why in Manukau’s case, removing cars out of Osterley Way is a priority for me. See: Manukau Innovative Streets (Tactical Urbanism) Project Humble Beginnings as Project begins

The section of Osterley Way to be investigated to be closed to cars. The section south of it is being investigated to be turned into a bus mall.