Have your say on proposed speed limit changes around Tāmaki Makaurau

More speed limits to be adjusted but no changes to road design?

Auckland Transport has started the next round of Speed Limit reviews across the Auckland region.

From Auckland Transport:

Feedback sought on proposed speed limit changes around Tāmaki Makaurau

Auckland Transport (AT) is asking for feedback on a proposal to change the speed limits of approximately 800 roads around the region.

Most of the proposed changes involve 462 roads near 57 schools around the region and 208 rural roads.

From today, AT will seek feedback on the proposal, which also includes roads in Ōtara Town Centre, residential roads in Manurewa as well as roads, mostly in Ponsonby and Freemans Bay, that have been requested by communities.

AT is legally required to investigate speed limits and, when it finds speed limits are not safe and appropriate, is legally required to make changes.

AT’s Road Safety Engineering Manager, Michael Brown, says the proposed new limits will support travel speeds that are safe and appropriate for the function, design and use of the roads.

“Improving safety around schools is an area of focus for AT as well as central government. These proposed changes will help to make it safer for children walking or cycling to school.

“Research shows there is strong community support for speed limit changes with 78 per cent of people supporting speed reductions around schools,” says Mr Brown.

Mr Brown adds that most of the proposed changes will have little impact on journey times for motorists.

“On 90 per cent of these roads, many drivers are already travelling much slower than the current speed limit due to the conditions. In rural areas, that’s often because the roads are narrow and windy. And in urban areas, it’s due to things like speed humps, congestion and knowing that the current speed limit is not appropriate.  

“While most of the changes we propose will simply bring the posted speed limit into line with the speeds people are already travelling, it is important that these changes are made. Speed limits that are set too high can become a target for drivers to aim for, plus they can prevent the police from addressing those travelling at unsafe speeds.”

Mr Brown says some of the proposed changes are on high-risk roads – where there’s a greater chance of deaths or serious injuries occurring.

“In these instances, the proposed changes would create a very slight increase in journey times. For example, on Linwood Road near Karaka where speeds were changed last year, we know that a typical nine-minute journey is around 30 to 50 seconds longer. But the changes will help to reduce the chance of someone getting seriously hurt or killed.”

Between January and August this year, 41 people were killed on Auckland roads.

AT welcomes changes to legislation:

In the near future, the Ministry of Transport and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency (as the national regulator) are expected to introduce a new Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2021.

Mr Brown says he expects the new legislation will make it faster and easier for AT to implement safe speed limits of 30 km/h around urban schools.

“At the moment, there are roads near schools where there is strong support for safe speed limits, but the current legislation would require us to implement engineering measures (like speed humps) to bring vehicle speeds down before speed limit changes can be considered. Engineering is expensive, disruptive and not practical or appropriate in some locations.

“Engineering measures are effective and we’ll continue to use them where needed, but many of these communities would embrace lower speeds now and the proposed legislative changes will assist us in meeting community needs faster.”

Auckland Transport is seeking public feedback on the proposed speed limit changes until 14 November 2021.

For more information and to provide feedback, please go to Proposed Speed Limit Changes (at.govt.nz)


More information

We (AT) seek your feedback on Auckland Transport’s proposal to set new safe and appropriate permanent speed limits on approximately 800 roads around Auckland – mostly around schools and on rural roads.

The roads we are proposing new speed limits on are: 

Around schoolsApprox. 462 roads near 57 schools around Auckland
Rural roadsApprox. 208 roads in Franklin including 33 with a high-risk of deaths or serious injuries occurring.
Town centre roadsApprox. 10 roads in Ōtara town centre
Residential roadsApprox. 80 roads in Manurewa
Community requestsApprox. 41 roads, mostly, in Freemans Bay and Ponsonby

For more information and to learn which roads we’re proposing to change the speed limits of, please click this link.

On 90% of the roads we propose changes on, most drivers are already travelling much slower than the current speed limit due to the road conditions and environment.

If these proposed changes go ahead, they will be made by amendment to the Speed Limits Bylaw 2019.

Your feedback is important to us

Auckland Transport controls over 7,500km of road network and we are responsible for ensuring all roads under our control have speed limits that are safe and appropriate for their function, design, safety and use.

We have identified that the approximately 800 roads in this proposal require a new safe and appropriate speed limit.

This means we are now legally obligated to improve the safety of these roads. Making no change is not an option.

Your feedback can potentially influence:

•                  The new speed limit we implement

•                  The section of road we make the change to

•                  Whether any other measures should be taken rather than, or in addition to, changing the speed limit for any particular road.

  • Please note, there is limited scope to provide road safety engineering measures on these roads. Any requests for new measures will be assessed and only those that meet prioritisation criteria will be considered.

How to give feedback

Choose one of these quick and easy options to ensure you are listened to:

  1. Complete the online survey
  2. Use the online mapping tool to plot your feedback on a map
  3. Email ATspeedprogramme@AT.govt.nz or simply reply to this email
  4. In-person or audio/visual option: If you would like to present your views in person or via an audio/audio visual link, please let us know by replying to this email or call 09 355 3553. The hearings will be held shortly after the end of the consultation period at 20 Viaduct Harbour Avenue, Auckland.

Please provide your feedback before 14 November 2021.

More information on the proposal is available on our website.

Please feel free to get in touch if there’s anything you’d like to discuss.

Source: Auckland Transport

Lowering speed limits is one thing. Road design is another that will certainly enforce driver behaviour as well. So will Auckland Transport be removing flush medians, slip lanes and adding more speed tables especially at side streets coming off main roads? More to be done team but lets get this second tranche of speed limit lowering going!

This section of Paparimu Road, Mangatāwhiri, currently has a speed limit of 100 km/h. AT found this is not a safe and appropriate speed limit. The average speed vehicles travel at on this road is 86 km/h between Moumoukai Road and Ararimu Road and 76km/h between Ararimu Road and 2500m south of Paparata Road (Waikato District boundary). AT proposes changing the speed limit to 80km/h between Moumoukai Road and 2500m south of Paparata Road (the boundary of Auckland). Source: Auckland Transport