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Wanted: One Competent Council and One Visionary but Prudent Mayor #AKLPols #Auckland 2016

#Auckland2016 – looking to the future not the rear vision mirror Councillors behaving badly, Councillors being absent from crucial committees and workshops, a mayor who needs to rationalise and not … Continue reading Wanted: One Competent Council and One Visionary but Prudent Mayor #AKLPols #Auckland 2016

Berry: Sell Surplus Auckland Stadiums. #Auckland2016

Mayoral Candidate Stephen Berry says we should sell surplus stadiums

In the run up to #Auckand2016 and the Local Elections Talking Southern Auckland from time to time will look at some of the larger issues facing either Southern Auckland or wider Auckland. This morning mayoral candidate Stephen Berry has mentioned about the Regional Facilities Auckland (RFA) Stadium Strategy that has been dogged in controversy.

From Voxy:

Sell Auckland’s surplus stadiums – Berry

“Auckland has too many stadiums and the Auckland Council should look at selling some of them,” Mayoral candidate Stephen Berry says.

The Affordable Auckland leader has described Auckland’s stadium situation as a “debacle,” after the council’s stadiums strategy was sent back to the drawing board yet again. Council-controlled Regional Facilities Auckland (RFA) has been given another year to consult on its strategy, which has upset the Warriors franchise over plans to move its games to QBE Stadium in Albany.

Berry says the Auckland Council should kick the current strategy to touch and change its entire approach to managing Auckland’s stadiums. “The stadiums strategy will leave sports fans unhappy and ratepayers out of pocket, funding white elephants that sit empty for most of the year.

“Auckland has an oversupply of stadiums and the Auckland Council needs to think seriously about selling one or more of them. For those that remain, we need to make sure the sports codes that use them pay for their fair share of their upkeep.”

Berry says the council should appoint an independent panel to review the region’s stadiums, with a focus on reducing costs for ratepayers. “As an example, the council is planning to spend millions upgrading Western Springs to host one cricket match a year. This has all the makings of a white elephant, which is ironic considering its close proximity to Auckland Zoo. Cities around the world have got themselves into financial strife by spending too much on sports stadiums for little return. Auckland needs to avoid making the same mistakes.”

“Several of Auckland’s stadiums are in prime locations and would fetch attractive prices if sold,” Berry says. “The money raised from stadium sales could be used to pay off debt, reduce rates increases or even fund the infrastructure and transport improvements Auckland desperately needs.”

He says it’s “questionable” whether the council should even own stadiums. Eden Park, the largest stadium in the country, is run by a separate trust.

“At the very least, RFA should be merged with another council-controlled organisation, such as ATEED (Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development) to save costs.”



Two Mayoral Candidates Announced for 2016 Election

And we can take this as the race has started

It seems people are lining themselves up for the mayoral race already with an announcement coming out last night.

From Voxy:

Berry to stand for Auckland mayoralty in 2016

Following speculation over the last couple of weeks, Affordable Auckland Leader Stephen Berry has confirmed he will be contesting the Auckland Mayoralty as well as standing for Council in the ward of Albany. “In the absence of a Mayoral candidate advocating lower rates, focusing on core Council services and deregulating the housing market, I am assuming the responsibility of representing the interests of the ratepayers and residents of Auckland.”

Mr. Berry previously stood for the Mayoralty in 2013, finishing in third place with 13650 votes or 4.1%. He accepts that at this stage he is an outside chance to win but believes Affordable Auckland will be able to have a strong impact on the result of the election. “In 2013 we started campaigning only six months out from the election, our limited resources were spread across five cities and we were ignored by the media. This time around we are starting to campaign today, we will have more resources focused only on the Auckland election and our voice cannot be ignored.


Rest of the spiel can be seen here:

What caught my attention in the statement though was this:

Mr. Berry considers that based on past performance and the opportunities this ticket has going for it, it would not be unreasonable at this stage to forecast his candidacy may attract 30,000 votes. “I will continue to be a candidate for Mayor as long as there is not another candidate who supports Affordable Auckland’s policies and may attract more votes. Should someone like Cameron Brewer put their name forward in a potential scenario which may indicate a close result, I will be only too happy to consider withdrawing to consolidate support for advocates of smaller council.

I am going to consider that statement until there is an out right denial as Cameron Brewer also running for Mayor next year on a Right Wing ticket.

So in effect two Right Wingers have announced or implied running in what is going to be an interesting contest next year for Local Government elections.